There is considerable evidence globally that the quality of health services being offered to people can best be guaranteed when there is a third-party financing and management system in place that enables a pooling of resources and medical expertise. This system of ensuring delivery and receipt of qualitative healthcare is provided by Multishield.

For a pre-paid premium, subscribers to Multishield health plan are assured of access to healthcare when and where required. All Multishield health plans incorporate preventive healthcare services. The plans therefore afford the following benefits:


To Subscribers

• Peace of mind for you and your family

• Budget able medical expenditure

• Access to quality health care services at all times

• Protect families, income earners and employers from the financial hardship of huge medical bills

• Ensure equitable distribution of healthcare costs

• Maintain high standard of healthcare delivery services

• Provision for emergency medical services anywhere in Nigeria

• Greater value for money spent


To Organizations

• General improvement of the physical and mental health of everyone.

• Removal of virtually all abuse from the healthcare delivery system

• Budget able medical expenditure

• Removal of the need to employ staff to supervise healthcare delivery and vetting of bills