Once a provider joins the scheme, regular or periodic visits / inspections are made to the facility to ensure that the standard is kept. The focus of such inspections or quality assurance visits focuses on:

• The general state of the environment of the facility

• The quality and quantity of personnel

• The quality of the care given to patients

Generally such inspection/quality audit is carried out using a checklist.


1. On Personnel – confirm the number and qualifications of the doctors, nurses, nurses’ aids, laboratory scientists, cooks, stewards as well as admin & finance department staff.

2. List the types of diagnostic equipment available and whether functioning.

3. Stock of drugs and other medical aids.

4. Availability of ambulance service. (optional)

5. Available Utilities – Generating Set, Water, Computers and Telephone.

6. Record keepings. How are patients data kept and whether they are up to date.

7. Housekeeping – Cleanliness of the General ward, Private rooms, Toilets & Bathrooms, Kitchen and Premises.