Public Health Plans

  • Consultation with General Practitioners and prescribed drugs
  • Health prevention and promotion: Family planning services excluding commodities, Dental care, HIV/AIDS
  • Management of simple infections/ infestations: Malaria, Enteritis/ typhoid fever, Nose and Throat infections etc
  • Management of minor injuries
  • Minor Surgical Procedures: incision & drainage, suturing of lacerations, minor burns, simple abrasions, etc
  • Excision of lump
  • Primary dental care
  • Management of non-communicable diseases
  • Screening and referral for Cancers, Diabetes and Hypertension.
  • Management of uncomplicated Hypertension and Diabetes.
  • Management of neurosis
  • Special Maternal, Neonatal and Child Health (MNCH) Services
  • Childbirth services
  • Normal delivery (spontaneous vaginal delivery) by skilled attendant
  • Normal delivery
  • Repair of birth injuries and episiotomy
  • New born care and prompt referral
  • Basic and Comprehensive Emergency obstetric care
  • Essential drugs for Emergency Obstetric care (EmOC)
  • Blood transfusion services – Screening etc
  • Basic laboratory investigations
  • Management of sickle cell disease
  • Allergic conditions
  • Poisoning
  • Accidents and Emergency
  • Consultation and treatment by specialist such as surgeons, paediatricians, ophthalmologist, etc
  • Emergency cases outside place of residence.
  • Admission (maximum of fifteen days cumulative per year)
  • Basic and Comprehensive Emergency obstetric care
  • Management of Preterm/Pre-labour Rupture of Membrane (P/PROM)
  • Surgeries: Appendicectomy, Hernia repair, Hydrocelectomy, Management of Fractures
  • Dental care: Amalgam filling, Simple and surgical tooth extraction
  • Management of non-communicable diseases
  • Management of emergencies, Management of emergencies such as accidents, severe asthmatic attack, severe shock, moderate to severe poisoning etc.
  • Psychiatry, such as Management of psychoses
  • Laboratory investigations at secondary level of care
  • Out-patient care, including necessary consumables as in NHIS Standard Treatment Guidelines and Referral Protocol
  • Prescribed drugs, pharmaceutical care and diagnostic tests as contained in the NHIS Drugs Lists and NHIS Diagnostics Test Lists.
  • Maternity (ante-natal, delivery and post-natal) care for four pregnancies ending in live births under the NHIS for every insured enrollees in the Formal Sector Programme. Additional care if any still birth.
  • All live births eligible to cover will be covered during the post natal period of twelve (12) weeks from the date of delivery.
  • All preterm/premature babies eligible to cover shall be covered for twelve (12) weeks from the date of delivery.
  • Preventive care, including immunization, as it applies in the National Programme on Immunization, health and family planning education, Adult Immunization viz: HPV, Hepatitis etc
  • Consultation with specialist, such as physicians’ pediatricians, obstetricians, gynecologists, general surgeon, orthopaedic surgeons, ENT surgeons, dental surgeons, radiologists, psychiatrists, ophthalmologists, physiotherapists, etc
  • Hospital care in a standard ward for a stay limited to cumulative 21 days per year following referral.
  • Eye examination and care, the provision of low priced spectacles but excluding contact lenses.
  • A range of prostheses (limited to prosthesis produced in Nigeria)
  • Annual medical checkup unrelated to illness

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AIICO Multishield Limited started operations in 1997 and is one of the first set of Health Maintenance Organizations accredited by the National Health Insurance Scheme.
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