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Super Executive Plan


About Super Executive Plan

This plan still remains a compliant and viable option, offering discriminatory executive coverage. This is specially designed to suite the health care budgets of small, medium and large corporations. Staff and dependants are covered

Health Benefits

Out of Office Benefits

  • GP Consultation Specialist Consultation Supply of Prescribed Medicine Laboratory Investigations Radiological Investigations

Laboratory Investigations

  • Basic Plan

Radiological Investigations

  • Basic Plan

Dental Care

  • Amalgam Filling (Maximum of 3/year)

  • Simple Extraction (Maximum of 3/year)

  • Surgical Extraction (Maximum of 2/year)

  • Composite Filling (Maximum of 1/YEAR)

  • Scaling & Polishing (Therapeutic – ONCE A YEAR) Root Canal Therapy policyholder.

Optical Care

  • Provision of lenses & frames (up to N15,000 and/or 24MONTHS LIMIT) Ophthalmic Surgery (up to N100,000)

Your health insurance plan premium is an obvious cost, and most people pay it on a monthly basis. Your premium is the payment you make to your health insurance company that keeps your coverage active.

N153,667 / annum

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